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I Love You

If I tell you I love you, will you believe me?

I guess it’s impossible.

It’s stupid.


They say I don’t

I cant

That it’s a choice.

Let’s be friends

That’s okay, right?

As long as I’m by your side

I’m happy

I just want you to know

your smile

The way you cry

Or laugh

or speak

 or look

Thank you

And those moments

When I can stand by you

And be with you

For everything

Thank you

And by the way,

Don’t be sad

Because even if it’s wrong

Thank you

As they push us down,

Pull us apart

Even when i’m sad

And beaten

And hopeless

Thank you


Boy or girl

I love you

No, that’s not it

I hate you

Or like you,

Stupid me

Maybe I do

I love you

And all you are

And all you will be

And all you have ever been

It is you

And only you






Life is a strange state of being, if you could even call it that. It's honestly quite a bit larger than I expected. I am not very good at introductions, so I suppose I will start with a generic hello. I am Mi_Chan, or, at least, that is one of the many names the people closest to me call me by. I created this website back in high school for a creative writing class, and have found it to be a good place to store away my thoughts. I enjoy writing poetry and short stories, and am currently working on a novel.

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