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Its funny how pain can bring out the best in people. Creation is born from human suffering, because  where happiness is fleeting, pain is eternal and universal. Everyone feels the same pain, just in greater and smaller amounts. All men know of betrayal  of that inner destruction which, unlike physical pain, slowly tears away at the soul. There is no cure for this pain, the only medication being moments of forgetfulness when the ache can be ignored and momentarily forgotten. But, as certain as the golden line that brushes the east every morning, you will eventually remember your pain.

But, as humans, we have developed a way to control the pain. Push it away, tell yourself it is less than it truly is. Place your emotions outside yourself, upon the canvas’ stoic image, the blinking sheet of paper that stares wide eyed at nothing at all. We give inanimate objects faces through our own feelings, create them in the image of hatred and sadness so strong that it seems to spill out into the air for everyone to see, and feel.

This is our art, the power to ignore and forget, so that, if only for a little while, we can taste the bittersweet peace that cannot even be imagined in dreams.




Life is a strange state of being, if you could even call it that. It's honestly quite a bit larger than I expected. I am not very good at introductions, so I suppose I will start with a generic hello. I am Mi_Chan, or, at least, that is one of the many names the people closest to me call me by. I created this website back in high school for a creative writing class, and have found it to be a good place to store away my thoughts. I enjoy writing poetry and short stories, and am currently working on a novel.

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    What is a train that is going to ride
    your in any station stop and u have
    planted rose and flower at all stations
    and if given me proof that you love all
    these roses and flowers I’ll be waiting
    for no reason just to tell you I love you

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