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Even if the future is set in stone, laid out before us like a single lonely path, there is no reason to worry. Walk forward, face the future with your own heart, your own intentions.
When there is no change, walk forward undaunted
When there is no hope for Peace, keep fighting.
When there is nothing you can do, face destiny with your fist held high and a smile on your face.
There’s no use in complaining, in waiting or wanting.
It’s your life, so live it.



Life is a strange state of being, if you could even call it that. It's honestly quite a bit larger than I expected. I am not very good at introductions, so I suppose I will start with a generic hello. I am Mi_Chan, or, at least, that is one of the many names the people closest to me call me by. I created this website back in high school for a creative writing class, and have found it to be a good place to store away my thoughts. I enjoy writing poetry and short stories, and am currently working on a novel.

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